My name is Sasha Shantel

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

I have always described myself as a CREATIVE. My passions are all based around writing and the creation of content that is unique and reflective of my identity. I have a rather unhealthy passion for clothes shopping, beauty products and eating out. This blog is dedicated to my love of affordable fashion and defining your personal style, beauty, inspiration, and positive lifestyle posts.

I also love to share insights and tips from those who have made major strides in their careers so look out for interviews with amazing talents from the worlds of entertainment and business as well as the launch of the ‘Masterclass’ podcast where I not only meet with talented individuals but also get them to share their top tips for success with you. There is this and so much more coming to

The truth is, my personality is so eclectic that once you stop on this blog, you really won’t want to leave so make sure you subscribe and keep in the loop for when I drop my latest post. I have major plans for my online home so keep your eyes peeled and thank you for showing love so far! x

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