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A Date With My Dad- Chinese Style

It’s not often that I spend time with my dad. I guess the older you become the more you want to do your own thing and to be honest life takes over. However, a few weeks ago after weeks of arranging and then cancelling my Dad and I visited an intimate and cosy chinese restaurant called Mr Liu which is located in Dulwich, London.


I have a major appreciation of Chinese food and it definitely comes in second as my favourite cuisine; behind Caribbean food of course! Although, it was small, it was a nice place to go and catch up and boy did we have a lot to say. From the elections, to music my Dad and I touched base on everything you can imagine.




A special moment was shared when he brought out a pic of me (taken when I was 17 or 18) and a little keepsake; a plastic card tribute to my dad.  It was nice to see that he had kept it; let alone carried it around and as the evening went on; it was clear to me that I was definitely my father’s child. We both eat enough for Britain and although I wasn’t that hungry; in fact, neither of us were. We still set out to order everything that sounded nice from the menu.


FullSizeRender (1)


The food was amazing. My favourite Chinese restaurant is located in Borough, London. However, this came a close second. We had so much food on our plates that people sitting around us kept looking over. Perhaps to see if more people were coming to join us. But no, the truck load of food in front of us was just for the two of us.


FullSizeRender (2)


FullSizeRender (3)


Our meal was made up of ribs both with and without BBQ sauce, sesame toast,Noodles, Beef in Black Bean Sauce, Sweet and Sour Chicken and more besides. In the hustle and bustle and highs and lows of life, it’s nice to take time out just to meet up with loved ones and touch base. It may have been long overdue but was definitely worth it.


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I put a little more effort than usual on my outfit which I took a few snaps of and will share in a separate #MyLookMyWay post.


Here’s to life, love and family 🙂


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