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A Change of Perspective on My Blogging Journey

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Guys, I’m not even going to apologise for the lack of posts on here. Let’s just say that I’ve been pretty uninspired. I have tried so hard to turn blogging into something more than just a passion project for so long that somewhere along the line it lost its spark. No matter how hard I have tried to shoot fashion content weekly, collaborate with brands, share more about myself. It’s not paid off and brand after brand want to ask me to promote things for free because I’m not BIG enough.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says on this topic. You can have the thickest skin ever with nearly everything bouncing off of you, there are instances when you can feel like your efforts are in vain. I have posted some great content over the last 24 months, images I am and will be forever proud of. Yet, I still struggle to be recognised and to grow. Although, I appreciate some content creators would die to have over 5k followers on Instagram. But with most brands treating you like you are invisible until you hit the magic number of 10k, it all has felt pointless.

Currently, this blog is read predominately in Russia, China and Denmark. (Thanks guys) though it is frustrating that a London born girl can’t get some London wide engagement.

So, I decided to step back, I changed job and got out of an environment that was mentally and spiritually crippling me for years and pushed myself back out into the rat race and its boosted my spirit. I started to see the value of Women Who Slay and am giving it more focus and am connecting with some beautiful souls along the way. I am also changing my overall perspective of blogging and social media in general.

There was a time when blogging and sharing content was fun. Not full of pressure and unrealistic expectations. It was a numbers game but not to the extent that I always felt like my number was up. It was a relaxed space, set up on my terms and shared with those who genuinely gave a shit.

Therefore, I’ve decided to go back to that, I’ve quit being an ambassador for HTBLOGGER because it felt like, in the end, they only wanted some of us to win and to grow, I’ve pulled back ties from brands who want me to buy products from they with a crappy discount code and I’ve figured out the content I really want to share.

I’ve without a shadow of a doubt gone full circle. But, now I feel more happy to come on here and share and to post up on my socials to whoever wants to read about my views.

So welcome back guys and I hope you like my new carefree approach and change of perspective. No more number crunching, no more comparing my feed to a content creator with a 100k followers. I’m Sasha Shantel, a creative and a woman who just wants to blog and I’m more than content with that.

Co-ord- @Femmeluxefinery
Heels- Roman Road Market
Shades – HM
CoatEverything 5 Pounds
Clutch- Ebay
Necklace and rings – Primark



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    August 14, 2019

    Sasha, you will always remain a Superwoman in my heart and mind! Remember this inspiration- Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.

    • Sasha Shantel
      September 20, 2019

      Your my biggest and best supporter and I value you beyond measure.

        September 23, 2019

        You’re welcome! The love grows stronger each day!