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5 Workwear Essentials to Own in 2020

It’s 2020, and we are not doing boring, school-uniform-inspired outfits for work anymore. So, here are some wardrobe essentials that every working woman must stock to create a workwear wardrobe that is chic, fashionable, smart, and a light-year away from being boring. 


  • White Shirt 


We are starting strong with a classic here. We recommend stocking a couple of quality white shirts in different styles and fabrics. A crisp white cotton shirt which and you can go a little oversized with this. Roll up the sleeves and pair it with fitted bottoms for an effortlessly chic look. The next one should be in a flowy fabric like chiffon that is well fitted. This is the one to tuck into wide-legged pants and high waisted skirts. 


  • A Satin Midi Skirt 


Instead of going for the age-old pencil skirt, opt for a flowy satin midi skirt, which is super on-trend right now. It looks fresh and is so versatile that you can pair it with a button-down shirt through the warmer months and pair it with thick knits or turtle neck and thigh-high boots when the air turns chillier.


  • Bermuda Shorts 


One trend that dominated the runways this season was Bermuda shorts. So, we have good news for summer months when all you want to wear is a pair of shorts. So, to make it work for a professional setting, pick a knee-length Bermuda short in a beautiful neutral colour. Pair it with a button-down and a light blazer on top. Complete the look with comfortable moccasin shoes and get ready to beat the summer heat in style. 


  • A Power Suit 


Something that is both classic and a huge trend for this year happens to be a well-fitted suit. But, this time around, we are not afraid of making a statement in this beauty, so there is no need for you to stick to a neutral colour palette. The rainbow is your limit, and you can pick a suit in soft pastel shades or bold, bright colours depending on your preference and colours that flatter you’re the most. You will be ready to breeze through meetings and interviews in style. 


  • Boots 



Boots are stylish, versatile, and comfortable at the same time, making them a perfect everyday essential. Invest in two types, at least for two different seasons – Thigh high for the winters and ankle boots for the summer season. Keep the colour neutral and heel comfortably low so you do not end with achy feet from running after your dreams. You can pair them up with anything without thinking twice to add a lot of character and edge to even a boring office outfit. 

With these beauties gracing your wardrobe, we guarantee that you won’t have another boring outfit day at the office. You can click here to pick your favourite piece to pep up your style. 





Author: Suzy Walsh, with her impeccable sartorial sense, has established herself as a prominent fashion blogger. Now, she is the chief editor at The House Of Elegance Fashion preaching her fashion excellence. 




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