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3 Ways To LOOK More Expensive

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Hey my lovelies, as mentioned in my last few posts, I am currently playing catch up with my At this very moment, I had plans to shoot 4 new looks for the coming week. But as I type, there is a major storm brewing and if I step outside, this wind will certainly snatch my wig off! (No JOKE!). So, while going over a few looks shot the last fortnight. One of the comments that kept being left on these images was how expensive my outfits looked.

Now, I’m sure you know Sasha very well by now. I do not like to spend money on clothing. At times, this is by choice and at other times; this is by necessity. Nonetheless, I have developed a passion for looking #luxeforless. So much so, I’ve created a new goal to pen a series of e-books to go into this in more detail.

Everything takes time and because I have set myself around 100 goals to achieve over the coming months. These books will be a work in progress. Nonetheless, this is something I am currently working on and I cannot wait to share them with you all.

So, in the meantime, I thought I’d wet your appetite with a snippet of what is to come in how you can look expensive on your budget so if you want to find out more, keep reading. If not, just scroll down and peep my style because I’m dope!. x

  1. It’s all in the colours

Please allow no-one to tell you any different. The subject of wealthy and how to look like you have money, comes primarily from the colours that you choose to wear. Colours like red, yellow, bright/neon green and purple all have a way of looking quite cheap, but this all depends on the ‘shades and variations’ of the colours you go for. A deep red like burgundy is more rich and exquisite and gives an impression of class and status. A blood red, like tomato ketchup red can often be too overpowering and enters a room before you do! Darker and deeper shades as well as neutral colours like browns, beiges and creams (which is this seasons must have colour) all give an immediate impression of expense and quality.

For the outfit in this outfit, the entire outfit is under £100 and that is from top to toe + accessories. Choosing neutral colours like light grey, mustard and mint all give an impression of money. The general opinion of where I paired together was that I was wearing high end highstreet brands like Mango and Zara. However, the majority of my outfit came from Everything5Pounds and Primark. The colours you choose ultimately changes everything!.

2. Add faux fur

I have always found that faux fur can elevate and take a simple outfit to the next level. I by no means promote the wearing of real animal fur as I believe the quality of faux fur has improved so much over time that there really is no need to wear the real thing. The brown faux fur gives a feel of quality and luxury and perfectly compliment the combination of browns and neutral shades. Look at the massive difference the large fur pockets has on making this coat (worth £25) look like its worth double the value.

3. Cover the neck

It’s been an age old tip to cover the neck; whether it be with a scarf or roller neck to add that more extra to your outfit. Of course, over time the focus has been on older women using scarves to appear younger in age by covering the neck ( which sometimes gives away a woman’s age). Instead, I find roller necks really make you look more expensive and put together. This jumper is not quite a roller neck but the over the neck feature, gives an air of having that much more than a low neck top would.

Thank you for reading guys. Please let me know what tricks you use to make yourself look more luxe on a budget. x


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1 Comment
  • Andrew Jackson
    March 12, 2019

    You look amazing!